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The Waveland mansion was completed in 1848 by Joseph Bryan, a grandnephew of Daniel Boone. Waveland

represents a way of life that has long since vanished. Daniel Bryan, the father of Joseph Bryan received a 600 acres in southern Fayette county as payment for serving in the Revolutionary War. According to family tradition Daniel Boone surveyed the original 600-acre grant for his nephew. Daniel Bryan asked his son, Joseph Bryan, to build a mansion befitting the family's wealth and prestige. Joseph tore down his father's old stone house and built the mansion around the foot print of hist father's house, finishing the mansion 3 years after his father died. 


The name for the estate came from wind causing the fields of hemp and grain to wave in the breeze on the rolling hills of the bluegrass. Today, the historic mansion and remaining 10 acres of the once 2,500 acre plantation belonging to the Bryan family are owned and operated by Kentucky State Parks. The slave quarters now features a hemp exhibit, and small plot of hemp is grown near the learning garden throughout the summer season for visitors to view. Click here to learn more about Waveland State Historic Site.


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