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The Shakers of Pleasant Hill would’ve relied on hemp crops this crop to help develop much of their community and industries, alike, from twine to make their famous Shaker Brooms, to the rope to strap down cargo on flat bottom boats as they traded along the river banks of Kentucky and beyond. Hemp has deep roots within the culture of our state, and we look forward we’re excited to be bringing that history back to Pleasant Hill!

This year Shaker Village is growing hemp on the farm hemp for the first time since the 19th century. The hemp crop is featured as part of the Kentucky Cash Crop garden under the auspice of the Kentucky Hemp Program. The Kentucky Cash Crop garden will highlight the resurgence of crops like Sorghum, Industrial Hemp, and the historic Burley Tobacco that once filled much of Kentucky's farmland.


*Guests can learn about hemp kentucky’s Cash Crops during the “Hidden Harvest: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Hemp at Pleasant Hill” program every Friday and Saturday at 5:30 PM June-August.


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