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Hemp In Scott County Historical Marker #1166

800 Cincinnati Rd., Georgetown, KY 40324

Hemp production commenced in Scott County during the late 18th century. According to this historic marker, Rev. Elijah Craig established one of the earliest hemp ropewalks at Georgetown in 1789. He also started a fulling mill in 1793. Both produced cordage and rigging for ships. However, recent evidence suggest that Craig may have acquired the hemp mill from a Samuel Grant after his untimely death (see article below).


By 1810, Scott County was the second largest hemp producer in the state at 599 tons. Peak production was in 1839, with over 1,000 tons processed year at a value of $120,000. In 1840, the county ranked fifth in value of product. By 1849, the county had fallen behind Fayette, Woodford, and Mason counties in fiber production. In 1860, the county accounted for 275 tons of hemp fiber and in 1879 that amount had only increased slightly to 300 tons. This marker is currently located by the Cardome Renaissance Centre in Georgetown.

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