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Six Heritage Hemp Trail Sites To Grow Hemp For Education

Updated: May 25, 2019

Historic Sites On The Heritage Hemp Trail Plant Hemp Plots For Debut During “Discover The Hemplands” Hemp History Week Event Series June 4th-9th, 2019

Hemp plots have been planted at six Kentucky historic sites in preparation for the 10th Annual Hemp History Week taking place the first week of June. The hemp is expected to sprout in time for "Discover The Hemplands,” a special event series by the Heritage Hemp Trail at affiliated locations from June 4th-9th, 2019 to commemorate National Hemp History Week and celebrate the rich hemp heritage rooted across the Commonwealth.

Inaugural hemp plantings took place at Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, The Jack Jouett House in Versailles, and Ashford Acres Inn in Cynthiana. Hemp returned to Waveland State Historic Site in Lexington for a second year, and to Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate in Lexington and Farmington Historic Plantation in Louisville for a fourth year.

All six plots were planted with an AOSCA certified dual-purpose variety of seed, “Tygra,” generously provided by Schiavi Seeds LLC, and facilitated by United Hemp Industries - on behalf of the Heritage Hemp Trail as part of the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program. Throughout the season, visitors can view, smell, touch (but not take!) the growing hemp. They can learn about it on tours, at special events, and along the trail. 

Each site will host a Discover The Hemplands event to debut the historic hemp plots. All events offer a wide variety of hemp activities, ranging from a farm-to-table style hemp dinner at Ashford Acres Inn to CBD yoga at Waveland State Historic Site. Additional historic sites featured on the Heritage Hemp Trail hosting events include Hopemont, The Hunt-Morgan House in Lexington, home of the Kentucky Hemp Museum, and Pleasanton Goods (The Alexander House) in Paris. Click here for full list of Discover The Hemplands events.

Hemp History Week is the largest educational campaign about hemp in the U.S. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the environmental sustainability, health benefits, regenerative agriculture potential, and new technological applications of industrial hemp. Each year in June, hundreds of grassroots hemp supporters and retail stores celebrate hemp during Hemp History Week.

Click here for the full press release on behalf of the Heritage Hemp Trail and Kentucky Hemp Heritage Alliance.

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